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Possibly the most popular form of exercise for those seeking to get in shape, tone their bodies, or improve their physical appearance, is weight training. Aside from altering the diet and getting the body’s heart rate up, weight training is an excellent tool to use to tone muscle and lose fat. Weight training is a type of physical activity that uses weights as resistance against muscles during a workout. The weights cause muscles to receive more stress because of the added resistance, so the muscles have to work harder and become stronger faster than a workout without resistance. Weight training is also adaptable; it can be done from home using free weights, or at a gym using mechanized weights—or weight machines.

Including weight training as part of a weekly schedule does not have to be difficult either. Instead of planning large chunks of time to be at the gym working on strength training, plan shorter, more frequent sessions. Exercising just 20-30 minutes, about 3 times a week will provide the body with enough time and energy spent to transform excess fat into toned muscle. Also, increasing muscle and decreasing fat can help the body to burn calories faster and easier in the future. So getting rid of fat and building muscle will help the body keep its toned look longer.

Building muscle is just one of many benefits from weight training. A faster metabolism—the calorie-burning property of muscles can help to speed up the metabolism throughout the day—is only the beginning of these benefits. Weight training can also strengthen bones alongside the muscles in the body. This becomes more and more important as the body ages, especially for women. As the muscles become denser and stronger, they also gain endurance. So after weight training has been included in a fitness schedule for some time, the body’s strength will last longer and longer. This will enable the body to handle more intense workouts and will also provide longer lasting energy throughout the day. As the strength of the body increases, proneness to injury is lessened, balance and coordination are improved, and confidence is established.

The primary reasons to engage the body in weight training are to strengthen, tone, and build muscles. With these three benefits, this exercise will ensure the wellness of the body and establish healthy patterns that will cause further benefits as time goes on.