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One of the primary reasons to drink water is so that the body is replenished throughout the day. More than half of the human body is made up of water. It aids the blood, muscles, brain, and other parts of the body, enabling them all to function well. Some of the processes that water helps are delivering oxygen, removing waste and toxins, and providing moisture for the tissues in the body.

Throughout the day, it is important to keep the body hydrated in order for all of the systems within the body to keep functioning. To keep the body healthy, men should drink about 13 cups of liquid per day, and women should drink around 9. Of those liquids, water is the most beneficial to the body and should therefore be the primary liquid supplied to the body. Water offers the most benefits to the body at the lowest cost. Most other beverages contain sugar or are full of calories, so water is the best choice to replenish the depleted supply of water in the body.

As the typical day progresses, the body exhausts its water supply. Bodily processes use water, but it is also lost through breathing, perspiring, and through waste. Because the body loses much of its water supply, water should be consumed as much as possible throughout the day. Failure to replenish the body’s water supply results in dehydration. Some side effects from dehydration include feeling tired and lack of energy because the body does not have enough water to properly carry out its functions. Yellow or amber colored urine is one sign of dehydration, and another is slow elasticity of the skin when it is pinched.

Besides the obvious health needs that drinking water fulfills, there are other reasons to choose water as a regular beverage. Substituting water into the daily diet for other beverages can be an easy way to lose weight or adjust the amount of sugar and calories that the body takes in each day. It can also help skin to look young and fresh, as opposed to the dry, wrinkled look that occurs with dehydration. Using moisturizer can also help to keep the hydrated-look all day.

Finally, be aware of daily activities that tend to deplete the body of water. Physical activity is an obvious source of possible dehydration. After perspiring, the body needs to be replenished with water, or with a sports drink that contains electrolytes. Hot weather can also cause perspiration and consequently the need to drink water. One way to naturally treat illness is also to drink water. It will help to flush out the sickness and to replenish the fluids lost by vomiting or perspiring.

So make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, because the body truly does depend on it.