You already know that in order to get a great workout, you often don’t need any more than yourself and the great outdoors. However, when you do purchase products to help you on your path to greater health and fitness, you know you want to find ones that are both effective and eco-friendly. You’ll be happy to know that the future of fitness is looking pretty green, with more eco-conscious offerings available every day. Here is a lokk at a few of the things that can aid your green fitness journey.

Many workout products are now being made with eco-friendly fibers or organic materials. From clothing to yoga mats, and even athletic shoes, it’s easy to locate and purchase directly from the company online if these items aren’t carried where you live. Soft and comfortable shirts, pants and shorts are being made with fibers created from recycled plastic bottles. The same goes for athletic shoes. If yoga’s your thing, buying an eco-friendly yoga mat is both smart for the environment and good for your workout. Even your gym bag, towels, and socks can be eco-friendly!

Those companies that are working hard to turn discarded plastic bottles into new and useful items won’t run out anytime soon, so there’s no need to fuel the supply by buying disposable plastic bottles! An entire industry has sprung up around the need for safe, eco friendly, reusable drink containers. You can get stainless steel or BPA free recycled plastic drink containers that are reusable, easy to clean, and best of all, available in many colors and styles.

Some people prefer the endless possibilities afforded to them by working out in nature, while others prefer the discipline and sociability offered by joining a gym. Thanks to a big surge in eco-conscious fitness companies, you can complete your workouts at a green gym. Even if your gym has not completely made the switch, they might offer some new green technology, such as fitness machines like treadmills and ellipticals that actually turn your workout into energy. Simply hop on the equipment of your choice and as you work out, your machine generates power to help run your gym.

Being fit and fabulous doesn’t have to come at the Earth’s expense. If you are spending your hard earned dollars on some new fitness equipment or gear, check out all the new “eco” options that have become available, and help save the planet one workout at a time.