Aromatherapy essential oils have long been used in treatment for a variety of conditions. Conditions range from stress and insomnia to burns and infections. Here is a brief guide to ways to use aromatherapy essential oils and the top five types:

Ways to Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

There are a variety of ways to use aromatherapy essential oils, depending on the type of oil and the reason that you are using it. Some suggestions include applying a couple of drops to the temples to relieve headaches or adding a few drops to your bath water. In these uses, lavender works very well via an oil diffuser or as a topical application.

Top Five Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

Chamomile– Chamomile is one of the more common of the aromatherapy essential oils, popular in cosmetics such as moisturizers and lip balms. It has a very soothing and calming effect and can even be used in tea to help you fall asleep. Chamomile can also be used as an analgesic or antiseptic to treat boils, gout, acne, blisters, or other skin conditions. In addition, it can also help with indigestion, depression, headaches, and restlessness. However, you should note that chamomile is not safe for use by women who are pregnant.

Lavender– This is another of the aromatherapy essential oils that has a very calming and therapeutic effect. Lavender can be used as an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, insecticide, diuretic, or sedative. Lavender is effective at treating wounds and burns, sores, throat infections, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, flu, and circulatory problems. Insect bites, and dandruff, as well as many other ailments, can be treated with lavender.

Eucalyptus– Eucalyptus is an aromatherapy essential oil that has a stimulating effect and gives you a sense of restoring balance. It is great for a variety of breathing ailments such as congestion due to colds, flu, allergies, and asthma. It can also help urinary infections, treat wounds, and bring relief from headaches and muscle pain.

Ginger– This is the aromatherapy essential oil of choice for pregnant women. Ginger is great for stomach and digestive problems such as the nausea caused by morning sickness. In addition, issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and colic can be aided with ginger. It can also be helpful in treating sinusitis and arthritis.

Peppermint– Peppermint is another aromatherapy essential oil that is a must have. It also treats nausea and indigestions as well as aching muscles and joint pain. It works extremely well on tired, overworked feet. This aromatherapy essential oil also makes a great insect repellent and can treat severe headaches, including migraines. The smell is uplifting and refreshing.

These are only a handful of great aromatherapy essential oils that are available. You can also find them in alternate forms, such as lavender linen sprays. Spraying your sheets with lavender linen spray will enable the soothing effects of lavender to help you sleep at night. Whatever your need, there is probably an aromatherapy essential oil out there that will work great for you.

By: Brian J. Mellett