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It’s easy to focus on reasons not to exercise—like being busy or not having access to a gym—however, there are a few simple, yet important reasons why exercising regularly can help to transform an average lifestyle for the better. Instead of thinking of reasons not to take the time and energy to work the body, concentrate on positive reasons to work out that will greatly improve the wellness of the body.

An obvious and basic reason to exercise regularly is because of body weight. Without exercising, the body will not be challenged. If it is not worked, the body will not be able to combat the growth of fat cells. Conversely, with regular exercise, fat cells shrink and muscle mass increases. With these two processes going on within the body, someone who engages in regular physical activity will be able to successfully manage his or her weight.

Another simple, yet important reason to workout is for protection. Causing the body to work hard during physical activity will increase the health of many different parts of the body—not just the muscles. Regular exercise will keep the muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, and other systems of the body healthy and able to combat disease and illness. So by taking just 30 minutes per day to exercise, the body will be much more able to protect itself from injury or illness.

An increase in positive thought and energy are two other benefits of regular physical activity. Using exercise as a tool to uplift the mood can help keep stressful days more pleasant because physical activity releases chemicals in the brain than positively influence the mood. Energy is another simple reason to exercise. Most people suffer from exhaustion by the end of their day, but regular exercise can help to introduce a constant source of extra energy into a daily routine. Along with providing extra energy during the day, regular exercise also promotes a deeper sleep at night.

So with all of these things in mind, it is important for those questioning the necessity of exercising to view regular physical activity as purely beneficial to the wellness of the body—both physically and psychologically. Not only will the body and mind become healthier, but exercising can also be a positive experience. Pairing up with a partner can provide extra challenge and fun to anyone searching for the motivation to exercise.