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When engaging in any type of physical exercise, it is important not to overuse muscles or else overuse injury may occur. Overuse injuries can be caused by repeated use of specific muscles, trauma, or stress inflicted on muscles, bones, or joints. With repeated use, overuse injuries usually occur when muscles have not received the proper amount of healing time. Some reasons why overuse injuries occur are the following:
Errors in activity. These errors occur when too much physical activity has occurred too quickly. Muscle strain can occur when there have been too many repetitions of an exercise, or if the exercise has lasted too long for the body to handle. When working out, be sure to work up the body’s endurance gradually, rather than exhausting the body quickly.
Errors in technique of exercise. Misusing specific exercises, such as strength training exercises, can cause injury. Be careful to carry out each exercise properly, because mistaking a step or stretch can cause overload or overuse of muscles, bones, or joints.
Repetition of just one exercise. Doing the same exact workout every day, or doing just one exercise everyday will strain muscles and can cause overuse injury. A more efficient way to exercise is to plan a fitness schedule which alternates working various muscles groups each day. With an alternating fitness schedule, the muscle groups that have been worked will have one recovery day during which they can rest.
Wrong supplements to exercising. Wearing the wrong shoes, exercising on harsh terrain, and using the wrong equipment for exercising can all supplement overuse injuries. Working out should be a process that involves physical activity and security for the body that prevents injuries.

Some simple ways to prevent overuse injuries from occurring are offered in these tips:
First, listen to the body. If it feels unusual pain in any way, something is wrong. If the pain is something other than muscles being worked, stop and evaluate the workout and look at the reasons for overuse listed above. Next, pay close attention to the technique used to complete each exercise. Do not stretch or bear weight wrongly, otherwise injury may occur. Also, avoid exercises that are too advanced for your own level. Stick to challenging exercises that are safe and are realistic to complete. Finally, choose to complete a small amount of exercises well, rather than many exercises sloppily. And built up to a more intense workout, rather than overworking the body.