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Protein is essential to the body’s functioning. It helps keep the muscles and mind energized, while also ridding the body of that hungry feeling. Fortunately, eggs are protein-rich and contain other important nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Most people recognize eggs as a food that offers the body a lot of protein. Each egg contains about 6 grams of protein in it, which fights feelings of hunger when consumed. For this reason, eggs are popular foods to add into any meal of the day—not just breakfast. Cholesterol is also a predominant part of eggs. Out of the 300 mg that people should consume per day, one egg contains about 210 mg of cholesterol. Consequently, many people exclude eggs from their daily diets.

However, despite the high amount of cholesterol in eggs, they are still very beneficial to the body. Instead of eating 3-4 eggs per day, consume only one so that the body receives all of the nutritional benefits, but is not overloaded with cholesterol. Some of these other nutrients that are present in eggs include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Choline is one nutrient found in eggs, which is beneficial to memory and mental function. The antioxidant selenium helps to keep the immune system strong and working efficiently. There are also Vitamins A, D, and E found in eggs, which are parts of the recommended daily nutrition of the body. Other benefits of eggs are that they protect and strengthen the eyes, may prevent blood clots or strokes, contain fat that is beneficial to the body, may help to prevent breast cancer, and help to strengthen hair and nails.

Some wonder whether eggs are a good food to consume while dieting. Studies have shown that including eggs in the diet regularly can help people lose weight while on a diet. People should not exclude eggs from their daily diets because of the cholesterol content, because the cholesterol has had positive effects on the dieter’s BMI, not a negative effect. Eggs have low calories, a low and healthy fat content, and give people the feeling of being “full” because of their high protein content. For these reasons, including eggs in a weight loss diet is a good idea.

Eggs are in fact healthy and beneficial to the body. Despite their high cholesterol, the nutritious advantages of eggs make them a highly valued food that should be included in the daily diet. One-to-two eggs per day will have a positively affect the wellness of the body.