Taking the time for a relaxing day at the spa may be on your list of “someday” items, one of those things that you would love to do but may not actually schedule in to your busy life. Or, you may think spa treatments are frivolous or only for people who are wealthy. However, spending time at the spa is becoming both accessible and affordable for everyone, and has been shown to offer big, lasting benefits! Aside from the obvious outcome of looking great and feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, or peaceful, spa treatments can help with chronic pain conditions, can boost immunity, can help people who are experiencing symptoms of depression, and may work to alleviate anxiety. Not only do spa treatments provide benefits to your health and well being, they might actually help the environment as well. Many spas are as committed to the Earth as they are to their clients, with LEED certified facilities, healthy and all-natural products and treatments, and eco-friendly operation.

A spa day

A day at the spa is good for you and the planet

A day at the spa is all about you, whether you are dealing with stress, a painful condition, or you simply want a fun and relaxing day away from the business of everyday life. Both men and women can benefit from the variety of spa treatments offered just for them, from healing and relaxing massages to services for skin, nails and hair, to scientifically advanced treatments designed to address any number of conditions or health problems you may be experiencing. While every spa is different, more and more spas across the country and across the globe are offering their services with the Earth in mind, helping clients along the path to health and wellness while shrinking their carbon footprint and operating in a way that does little harm to our precious natural resources.

In fact, many spas are members of the Green Spa Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping spas operate according to green principals by adopting green practices, offering environmentally friendly services, and promoting environmental awareness to their clients. If a spa is a member of the Green Spa Network, you can be assured that they already have green policies and practices in place, and are striving to improve their commitment to the planet each and every day. Clients who visit spas that are LEED certified or members of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) can be assured that these facilities have met high standards of green excellence, and that the facilities, services, and daily practices of those spas are as healthy for the environment as they are for the client.

The next time you think it would be nice to enjoy a day away where you can be relaxed and pampered, don’t hesitate to schedule a spa day for yourself, you and a friend, or you and your special someone. This indulgence is sure to have a lasting impact on your health and well being, and can even improve your spirit and positive outlook on life. When you choose to visit a spa that is “green,” you are also supporting a business that has made an important and lasting commitment to the environment, helping to ensure that people for generations to come are able to take the much needed time to connect with themselves and with the Earth in a positive and beneficial way.