Working out is great for many reasons: it can help you bust stress, keep you healthy, aid weight loss, and give you social interaction. However, if you’re interested in living a green and healthy lifestyle, how do you know your gym, or the gym you’re considering joining, aligns with your green goals and your fitness goals? There’s plenty of good news in the world of fitness. Many gyms are actively seeking ways to go green, reduce their electricity usage, or cut down on the harmful substances used or breathed in. Here are 5 ways your fitness facility can help you achieve your fitness goals along with your green goals.

1. Offer or encourage reusable drink containers. A water station with plastic or paper cups may be convenient, but chances are it’s not Eco-friendly. Many gyms sell reusable stainless steel water bottles or encourage patrons to bring their own. Not only does this cut down on unnecessary waste, it also means a healthier drink container for you.

2.Use human powered machines. many gyms have a whole roomful of machines that use a lot of energy to power, and often run the entire time the gym is open. Forward thinking gyms are switching some or all of their treadmills, elliptical machines, or cycles that are powered by the people who use them. Another step in the right direction is the use of treadmills that use less power to make them go. If your gym has already installed some of these machines, or plans to, you’ll be able to get fit and benefit the environment at the same time.

3. Using better materials. When gyms upgrade or renovate, many are taking the environmentally friendly route. Installing recycled flooring, using Eco-friendly paint. reducing the amount of toxins that can be leeched into the air by various plastics, rubbers, and other materials are just a handful of the ways fitness facilities are looking greener. Other changes may include better, more efficient lighting choices, the use of Energy Star heating and cooling systems, and the installation of efficient toilets, showers and faucets.

4. Offering healthy snack choices. If your fitness facility has a snack bar, chances are they sell healthy, energy boosting items. Some are taking that a step further, however, and are offering organic foods, healthy smoothies, fruit and yogurt, or fitness snacks from Eco-conscious companies. You can refuel and feel good about it.

5. Using products that are better for members. Gyms need to be clean, and most will have staff cleaning equipment several times a day. The use of harsh chemical cleaners is not only bad for gym patrons’ health, but they’re bad for the environment, too. many gyms are switching to natural, safe and Eco-friendly cleaners. Gym-goers can breathe easy, and nobody has to worry about unhealthy germs floating around, either.